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Booty calls is an amazing dating simulation game that allows the players to date, flirt, and have sex with the hot girls. It is an adult hentai game for 18+ people. You can get this game from Android Play Store for free, but we provide free Booty Calls mod apk with great features that help you have an amazing experience. Our Booty Calls hacked apk is modified with tremendous features like unlimited energy, money, diamond, and it will also help you fuck the hot chicks faster. If you are single and want to spend time playing lusty games that will help you have more confidence when communicating with beautiful and hot girls, this game is the best choice for you.

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Booty Calls is a game developed by Nutaku that allows players to have fun with the hottest girls on the beach with the help of Princess Andriella. You can also visit different places and meet sexy girls. Show everyone that you are the master of the game. You will get many reasons to encourage hot and sexy girls to fuck with you. You can easily become addicted to this lustful and strategic dating simulation game. Build your confidence to talk to the hot and sexy girls with the help of our Booty Calls hack apk, which is safe and secure.

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Booty Calls story, game review

The story of the game starts with the character of a cute boy living in a small coastal town. One fine morning you go for a walk on the beach and meet a very beautiful princess of the sea. Her name Andriella and she is a mermaid. She wanted to explore the world of mankind and collect mysterious points. You agree to help Princess Andriella find what she wants, and in return, she will help to talk to the sexiest girls in town. It gives you the great opportunity to date the hottest girls and has sex with them because before you meet the princess, you were a shy person and had no girlfriend.

The mermaid princess will guide you in every step to flirt with the hot girls and you will also get the steamy missions from them. To speed up this process, you’ll meet a lot of girls to help the mermaid earn more and more points. Thanks to the handsome looks and the supervision of the mermaid, your character will soon be the heart of all girls in the area. The gamers have to be intelligent to make the right decisions to get the girls. Every girl will have a diverse personality, which makes the game more difficult. The key element of the game is to be a smart and sexy man.

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Booty Calls Game Review

Booty Calls offer beautiful 2D graphics with vibrant colors. Japanese publishers are always keen to design female characters beautifully. The girls in the game look beautiful and charming. For a simple person like me, the reasons above are enough to download the Booty Calls hacked apk to my phone right away. The girls are not just extremely beautiful however, they also have pleasant voices and forms of expression.

The game is simple and fun and by adding a puzzle-solving feature, the game can do more than just choose what to say and add a completely different fun element to the game. It means that you would not get bored in the near future and also helps you get more excited about the dates with the girls. So if you are successful, you will get a sexual image as a reward.

You can update the skills you have in the game by winning the dates. It is the best and the fastest way to win the date board. You will get different balls to upgrade each skill set, for example, you will need orange balls to upgrade Romance Skill and beauty skill can be updated with points you get from the blue balls. You can also upgrade the skills with the money in the game. But you need to work hard to get the money. However, if you download our Booty Calls hack apk, you will get unlimited money to do anything because we have added booty calls cheats in the modified version.

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Dating and Sex

There are many beautiful girls in Booty Calls that you can meet and win their hearts. But, you cannot unlock these girls instantly it is a long process. There are more than 50 girls that you can interact within the game. You can check the availability of the girls on the list in the phone book. Players can unlock some girls with money, but some girls can only be unlocked with a certain level or point. Sometimes you have to fulfill a specific request to unlock the girl.

First, you have to meet and talk to the girl and get her to notice you if you like to date her. Andriella helps you get closer to the girls and say what makes you more attractive. The mermaid princess is completely invisible to everyone else, so you have a wonderful mentor. Each conversation has three options, which can include coaxial, negative, or bold statements. You can see what the girl is saying and try to judge her attitude to have a good conversation. If you happen to say something that makes the girl uncomfortable, then don’t worry you can always talk to the other girls.

Once you start dating a girl try to be affectionate with her give her gifts to lighten up her mood. Gifts are the best way to get anyone’s attention and show them how you care about them. Booty Calls mod gives you the opportunity to learn the art of talking flirting with an attractive girl. After every successful date, she will be more attached to you, and you will be closer to her. Every time she dates you, she will send you a photo of herself in a different pose. Every photo your receive will become more and more sexual after every date the photo will be different depending on the personality of the girl. The girl who desires you will send you much hotter photos.

You have to date a girl at least 5 times before you want to have sex with her. You need to unlock extra clothes with the money to get a better attraction. Also, you need to complete side games to unlock different sex scenes and hot photos of the girls.

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Unlimited energy, diamonds, money in our hacked apk

In our Booty Calls hacked version, we provide many exclusive features for free. The game is free, but on our website, you can download booty calls mod apk for free, so you have unlimited energy, money, diamonds, and faster you can fuck all the girls. The unlimited feature lets you play the game as you desire. We have added many booty calls cheat in our free mod apk for the users to take the dating game to the next level.

Money and diamond are used to unlock girls, buy items, or improve skills. In the meantime, energy will be used when you flirt with the girls. You will consume one energy point in each conversation and 4 points in the dating. If you consume all the energy points in the game, you won’t be able to play anymore. But, our Booty Calls hack version will help you play the game as you want with unlimited features. The following are the exciting features you will get with our modified version of the game.

  • Unlimited energy will let you play the game as much you like.
  • You can buy unlimited boosters with unlimited money and diamond.
  • It helps you upgrade the skills with unlimited features.
  • You will be able to buy anything that you want.
  • Unlock many hot girls.

Important note: Do not try to buy everything in one day, otherwise your game account will be banned. You have to purchase things gradually for better gameplay. But you will have the freedom to get anything.

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Booty Calls mod apk gives the players the perfect dating experience on the mobile phone. The dating game is best for a single person who wants to find new relationships in a unique way. Booty Calls hack mod apk is available for both Android and iOS devices on our website. Our modified Booty Calls hacks are 100% safe, secure, and compatible with different smartphones. We only encourage you to download our mod application because we want you to have the best gaming experience. Booty calls mod apk is the best dating simulation game for you, and it will give you the confidence and the experience to talk and flirt with the hot girls.

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